Diversity Cafe

The goals of the cafe are:

Increase dialogue and awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through mini-lectures, workshops, casual conversations, and other events.

Promote a safe environment for both students and faculty to talk about DEI issues, where all experiences and perspectives are valued.

Provide opportunities to actively improve DEI within and outside the campus for students and faculty by promoting collaboration on various projects.


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1.29 Diversity Cafe Vol. 10: “A Bloody Taboo” – Film Screening & Talk Event ダイバーシティ・カフェ Vol.10:「生理というタブー」上映会 & ディスカッション

Abstract “A Bloody Taboo” explores several women’s rights topics related to period stigmatization, the tampon tax, and the wider discussion of gender discrimination in Japan. […]

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12.9 Diversity Cafe Vol. 9: Confronting Microaggressions ダイバーシティ・カフェ Vol. 9: マイクロアグレッションに向き合うワークショップ

Abstract Microaggressions refer to indirect, subtle, often unintentional incidents of racism or bias that members of marginalized groups experience every day (Sue et al., 2007). […]

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11.1 Diversity Cafe Vol. 8: An Intersectional Discussion on Microaggressions and Mental Health

Event Details Summary of this session: Please join us for a conversation on the impact of microaggressions on marginalized people’s mental health. Topics covered will […]

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