Upcoming Events

  • Faculty Coffee Break

Faculty Coffee Break: Action research and mindfulness for social justice w/ Ram Mahalingam

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  • Diversity Cafe

6.1 Diversity Cafe Vol. 5

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  • Time to TALK

6.6 Time to talk: Implementation of Literary Analysis in Language Teaching. Takeaways from the PAMLA 2022 Conference

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6.12 The Science and Practice of Mindfulness in Higher Education

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TALK Events

TALK stands for Teaching And Learning at Komaba

TALK workshops offer an ideal platform for future and current faculty as well as staff to experience at first hand techniques related to teaching and learning. These workshops have covered a wide range of topics, such as: peer feedback, active learning, learning-oriented assessment, and technology in the classroom. If you have any requests for a topic, please contact us through the inquiry form.

External Events

These are events organized by our partners or related organizations.

There are currently no upcoming external events.

Past Event

  • FD Lunch
Special PEAK Student Evening

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