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This site is maintained by the Global Faculty Development committee, College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo. Individual pages may include terms that override this policy. See each page for further information.



The University of Tokyo retains copyright to all the content on this website, including text, images and documents, unless otherwise indicated. Content may not be copied, reproduced or altered without permission. However, copying or reproduction for personal, non-profit use only within your organization is permitted as long as the original sources are made clear.


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Generally, pages of this website may be linked freely, and displaying the URL of this website in magazines or other such media is permitted. Depending on the content of your website, however, you may be asked to remove your link to this website or otherwise stop displaying the URLs. Note that the following precautions should be observed for use of information of this website:


  • Use for advertisement or sales purposes is prohibited.広告・販売目的での利用は禁止します。
  • It should be clearly stated that the link is to the University of Tokyo.
    Displaying a page of this site within a frame on your website is forbidden.東京大学へのリンクであることを明示します。
  • Displaying a page of this site within a frame on your website is forbidden.本サイトのページをフレーム内に表示することは禁止します。

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The University of Tokyo will bear no responsibility for the content of external websites linked from pages on this site. Requests for external links are not accepted.


Personal Information個人情報

The University of Tokyo promotes the appropriate management of personal information by enforcing the University of Tokyo Rules on the Procedures for the Appropriate Management of Personal Information Retained by the University (enacted in March 2005). The university strives to operate its administration and business initiatives properly and smoothly while protecting the rights and interests of individuals.

For details on the abovementioned Rules, visit
(Japanese only)


上記ルールの詳細については をご覧ください。

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