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FD Lunch

FD Lunch SessionsFDランチセッション

Faculty Development Lunchファカルティ・ディベロップメント・ランチ

Please join us and share your thoughts on education!ぜひご参加いただき、教育への想いをお聞かせください!

We organize informal FD Lunch and FD Evening events as well as PEAK Student Lunch sessions. These sessions are intended to offer an environment in which faculty can openly share their practices, ideas, and even challenges related to higher education. They have also served the purpose of forming the basis of a community of teachers who think critically and reflectively about their teaching practices and who can share their ideas with their colleagues.


FD Lunch Details A1/A2 AY 2023FDランチ詳細 A1/A2 2023年度

  • FD Lunch are online, one Wednesday a month from 12:15-13:00
  • Meeting ID: 852 4096 6129
  • Passcode: lunch
  • FD Evenings are one Friday a Month from 18:00-19:00
  • FDランチはオンラインで、月1回水曜日12:15-13:00
  • ミーティングID:852 4096 6129
  • パスコード:lunch
  • FDイブニングは月1回金曜日18:00-19:00

PEAK Student Lunch Session DetailsPEAK Student Lunchセッション詳細


All the sessions are in person and will be held at the GFD Room located at KIBER building, 3rd floor, room 313.すべてのセッションは、KIBERビル3階の313号室にあるGFDルームで行われる。

  • Session1: Special PEAK S. Evening 10/27 Friday 18:45-19:45
  • Session2: Special PEAK S. Evening 1/19 Friday 18:45-19:45
  • セッション1: スペシャル・ピークSの夕べ 10/27(金)18:45-19:45
  • セッション2: スペシャル・ピークSの夕べ 1/19 金曜日 18:45-19:45

FD Lunch ScheduleFDランチスケジュール