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4.22 Diversity Cafe Vol. 11: Translanguaging in Japan for Linguistic Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion ダイバーシティ・カフェ Vol. 11: 日本におけるトランスランゲージング:言語の多様性、平等性、包括性のために

Event Details

Date/Time: April 22, 18:00-19:30

Hybrid: KIBER 313 (in person) or Zoom (online)

Speaker: Blake Turnbull

Language: English and Japanese(英語と日本語)

Speaker Bio

Blake Turnbull ブレイク・ターンブル

Blake Turnbull holds a PhD in Foreign Language Acquisition and Education from Kyoto University, and is currently a lecturer in the Department of Intercultural Studies at Otani University. His research focuses on the promotion of translanguaging and emergent bilingualism in foreign language education, particularly within a Japanese EFL context.


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Translanguaging is commonly misunderstood to be simply switching between two or more languages. However, it actually encompasses the dynamic interplay between the different named languages in a speaker’s linguistic repertoire and the unique way in which individuals leverage these resources in their daily interactions. Languages transcend mere communication tools; they serve as a means through which to make meaning, to express ourselves, and to learn. To only utilize part of one’s linguistic competence, then, is not only an act of linguistic oppression but one that can hamper effective communication across diverse contexts. In this presentation, I will delve into translanguaging as a comprehensive language theory, tracing its conceptual roots and exploring its practical application within Japanese university settings. A particular focus will be placed on the importance of recognizing the intricate relationships among languages and leveraging this understanding to support students’ learning, communication, identity formation, and social justice overall.