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1.29 Diversity Cafe Vol. 10: “A Bloody Taboo” – Film Screening & Talk Event ダイバーシティ・カフェ Vol.10:「生理というタブー」上映会 & ディスカッション

Event Details

Monday, January 29, 19:00-20:30


Komaba I Campus 21 KOMCEE West MM Hall


Film: Japanese with English subtitles
Discussion: Both Japanese and English


18:50 Doors open
19:00 Intro
19:05 Documentary screening
19:20 Discussion
20:00 Networking (optional)
20:30 End of event


Registration is recommended but walk-in is ok too!




駒場Iキャンパス21 KOMCEE West MMホール




18:50 開場
19:00 イントロ
19:05 映画上映
19:20 ディスカッション
20:00 懇談会
20:30 終了



Speaker Bio

Sybilla Patrizia

Sybilla Patrizia is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and photographer based in Tokyo. In her work, she merges her passion for social impact and human stories with her background in fashion to create thought-provoking stories that cross the border between documentary, art, and design. ‘A Bloody Taboo’ about the stigma against menstruation in Japan, was awarded at Tokyo Docs and premiered at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in 2021.


シビラ・パトリツィア:東京を拠点に活動するエミー賞受賞の映画監督兼写真家。彼女の作品は、社会的影響と人間の物語への情熱とファッションのバックグラウンドを融合させ、ドキュメンタリー、アート、デザインの境界を越えた示唆に富むストーリーを生み出している。日本における生理に対する偏見を描いた「生理というタブー」は、Tokyo Docsで受賞し、2021年Ji.hlava国際ドキュメンタリー映画祭でプレミア上映された。

Marina Yoshimura

Marina Yoshimura is a public servant and an advocate for menstrual rights. In 2019, she launched the Tokyo branch of PERIOD, an organization advocating for menstrual equity in schools with headquarters in the US. She co-produced A Bloody Taboo with Sybilla Patrizia to raise awareness of the local stigmas around menstruation.


吉村真梨奈:公務員であり、月経権の擁護者。2019年に、米国に本部を置く学校における月経公平性を提唱する組織であるPERIODの東京支部を立ち上げる。シビラ・パトリツィアと『A Bloody Taboo』を共同制作し、生理にまつわる偏見に対する意識を高めている。


“A Bloody Taboo” explores several women’s rights topics related to period stigmatization, the tampon tax, and the wider discussion of gender discrimination in Japan. Through intimate interviews with an eclectic collection of voices ranging from a high school student to activists, artists, and health experts, the film highlights the lack of open discussion and explores common taboos surrounding menstruation in a country that is still struggling to find its role in the fight for women’s rights. The screening will be followed by discussion and networking with the director, cinematographer, and editor Sybilla Patrizia, and producer Marina Yoshimura.