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Taste Program

TASTE – Supporting Classroom Innovationテイスト – 教室イノベーションを支援する

(Testing active learning sessions for teaching enhancement)教育強化のためのアクティブラーニングの試行


To encourage the use of active learning methods in classes taught at the University of Tokyo, Komaba. We particularly envision that this goal may yield a long-term, gradual buildup of courses offering some content in active learning formats, and that this gradual change should yield an improvement in the effectiveness of teaching on campus.


Brief Synopsis概要

Faculty may view particular concepts as difficult to teach effectively within some of their classes, perhaps because they are commonly misunderstood on exams. Faculty may choose one lecture session within a course that they teach, and propose to teach it via active learning methods. Such faculty may submit an application explaining the topic and the current format, and proposing how they wish to teach it in an active learning context. If approved, the faculty member will implement the active learning session. Faculty members affiliated with this program are available to assist, if requested. Faculty who need expenses for implementing their design may request funding of up to 50,000 yen from GFD.


Application Procedure応募方法

Interested faculty should write a two-paragraph application. The first paragraph details the course and the specific lecture session to be altered. The second paragraph should describe the vision for the session, reimagined via active learning methodology. Should the faculty require any funding, its rationale and specific items to be purchased must be noted.


Evaluation and Restrictions応募要件

Any courses offered at Komaba campus can apply. However, the application must be made with the understanding that GFD is primarily for courses that are taught in non-Japanese languages and therefore the knowledge and experience gained from TASTE should ultimately be transferable to such courses. Courses that have traditionally employed a predominantly lecture format and may incorporate more active learning methodologies are especially welcome to apply.



In principle, faculty affiliated with the program will visit each session proposed, in the hopes of being a sounding board for reflecting on the implementation.



Sharing knowledge and experience is the best way to start a conversation about teaching. Faculty who have projects accepted by the TASTE program will be required to deliver a short written report and a brief oral presentation on the implementation of the activity (including, where possible, an evaluation of its effectiveness).


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