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Faculty Coffee Break Getting Started with Mindfulness Practice with Professor Ram Mahalingam

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Faculty Coffee Break

Catch conversations with leading researchers and educators from around the world passing through Tokyo!

Venue: GFD Room located at KIBER building, 3rd floor, room 313.

Lunch will be provided for those who register please register by October 15th noon.


Join the main TALK event with this speaker too, same day, from 5 pm!

Details below:

10.19 Mindfulness Series Vol. 2: Mindfulness Practice for Creating an Inclusive Classroom and Society

Speaker Bio

Ram Mahalingam

Ram Mahalingam is a Professor of Psychology and director of the Barger Leadership Institute University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His current research concerns nurturing a caring and compassionate workplace that treats its workers with dignity. Ram is committed to developing leaders who are passionate about dignity with a mindful commitment to promoting workplace well-being.

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