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4.14 Diversity Cafe Vol. 4 Fostering an inclusive campus with Isabelle Rorive

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Date: Fri, April 14, 17:30-19:30 In person at KIBER 313/Online

Language: English

Japanese language support is available


Speaker Bio
Isabelle Rorive

Isabelle Rorive

Isabelle Rorive is a full professor at the Law Faculty of the ULB (University of Brussels). Her research and courses focus on equality and non-discrimination issues as well as on the contemporary challenges that human rights are facing in a global and numerical world. Her academic work is based on comparative, European, international and interdisciplinary studies.

Are you interested in raising your awareness about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) issues in Japanese society? Would you like to talk about these issues with other students and faculty in a safe environment and actively work towards improving inclusivity on and off campus?


Aims to increase dialogue and awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through mini-lectures, workshops, casual conversation, and other events.
Promote a safe environment for both students and faculty to talk about DEI issues, where all experiences and perspectives are valued.
Provide opportunities to actively improve DEI within and outside campus for students and faculty by promoting collaboration on various projects.

Target Audience:

All University of Tokyo students and faculty who would like to learn more about the experiences of diverse individuals and be involved in the research, planning, and implementation of inclusion projects

Summary of this session:

In this session, Dr. Rorive will share her experiences in the ULB (University of Brussels) where she has been investigating connections between the Equality Law Clinic and the gender and diversity policy that the ULB started respectively 10 and 6 years ago. Based on this, she will discuss wider initiatives to foster an inclusive campus in relation to topics of gender, accessibility, and minority groups.
This will be followed by an open discussion and exchange between Diversity Cafe members.



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