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UTokyo Sustainability Week 2023

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Welcome to UTokyo Sustainability Week 2023.

UTokyo Sustainable Network is planning Sustainability Week 2023 to create an opportunity for Todai students to think about sustainability through familiar activities.

The word “sustainability” brings to mind energy, agriculture, cities, production, consumption, poverty, education, and many other things, but we have chosen “Food and Drink” as our theme for 2023. We chose “Food and Drink” as the theme for 2023 because we believe that it is familiar to all university students and that each student can reflect it in his or her own actions.


UTokyo Sustainability Talks will feature a relay of short talks by University of Tokyo students and faculty members who are working on “sustainability” in their own ways and who will include their own stories!


Participants will also have the unique opportunity to interact with each other through hands-on events on the third day and a post-talk reception.
Co-sponsored by the GX Promotion Subcommittee and three interdisciplinary research institutes, the talks are designed to generate new collaboration ideas for green transformation (GX)!


We hope that this week will encourage as many Todai students as possible to think about sustainability.

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