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2.16 Ed-tech, AI Incorporation in Classrooms and Mental Health Awareness: Takeaways from the Bett 2024 Conference エドテック、教室でのAI利用、メンタルヘルスの意識向上: Bett2024会議からの学び

Event Details


Date: February 16th (Fri), 12:15-13:00

Speaker: Erika D’Souza

Language: English(英語のみ)

Speaker Bio

Erika D’Souza

Erika D’Souza holds a Ph.D. in English Renaissance Literature and the History of Art from the University of Arizona and joined the program as an ALESA instructor in 2022. Her research interests include gender studies, representations of masculinity, Shakespeare and adaptation studies, and recently, transgender characterization in Early Modern drama.




The Bett 2024 Conference was an opportunity to meet vendors, tech companies, students, educators and multinational government representatives who wished to discuss, expand and promote the future of education in the world. It also created an environment of exceptional learning with the addition of EdTech, and other innovation exhibition platforms that allowed conference attendees to explore the right solutions for the needs of their classroom, collaborate with likeminded educators and connect with the people that can bring it all to life. In this session, I will discuss the two most influential experiences I had at Bett 2024: TableTalks and Edtech. It was at these meetings that I got to interact with other educators from all over the world to discuss the vital issues such as how to navigate students’ mental and emotional health, as well as the role AI has to play in the future of education.

Bett2024会議は、世界の教育の未来を議論し、拡大し、促進したいと考えている業者、テクノロジー企業、学生、教育者、政府の代表者と出会う機会でした。また、会議はエドテックにより卓越した学びの場を作り出し、様々なイノベーション展示プラットフォームを通して、参加者が教室のニーズに合った適切なソリューションを模索し、その実現のために志を同じくする教育者と繋がり協働することを可能にしました。このセッションでは、Bett 2024 で私が最もインパクトを受けた2 つのイベント、テーブル・トークとエドテックについて説明します。これらのイベントでは、世界中から集まった教育者と交流し、学生の精神的および感情的な健康をどのようにナビゲートするか、教育の将来においてAIが果たすべき役割などの重要な問題について話し合いました。