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7.26 Time to TALK (Re) Imagining Language Education: The Takeaways from the PanSIG 2022 Conference

Event Details

Tuesday, July 26th, 12:00-13:00 (online)
Speaker: Dr. Anna Bordilovskaya
ALESS/ALESA Program, Project Assistant Professor
Center for Global Communication Strategies (CGCS)

Speaker Bio

Anna Bordilovskaya

Anna Bordilovskaya obtained her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Kobe University. She holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics from Kobe University and a Specialist Diploma in Linguistics and Language Education from the Far-Eastern State University of Humanities in Khabarovsk, Russia. Her research interests cover various topics, including language contact, Japanese students’ motivation to study English, and language anxiety. Anna joined the ALESS/ALESA Program in April 2019.

Note: This is event will be held in English only.

PanSIG 2022 conference is one of the first large-scale in-person conferences hosted by JALT since JALT 2019. Among the diverse topics presented at PanSIG 2022 in light of the post-COVID-19 transition to in-person classes, special attention was given to the educational challenges for teachers working with students with special educational needs (SENs) and the potential as well as challenges of the application of various technologies to education. For example, one of the plenaries by professor Mehrasa Alizadeh, “Reimagining Technology Enhanced Language Learning: Looking Back, Moving Forward” introduced a variety of the most advanced technologies such as different forms of Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence and discussed the advantages and challenges of their application in educational contexts. In this Time to TALK session, Dr. Bordilovskaya will share the insights of the presentations related to the topics mentioned above to invite a broader discussion and reflection among the participants.