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4.16 Exchange to Improve Teaching Skills: Takeaways from the 2023 FIPF Congress 教育スキル向上のための交流: 2023 FIPF会議からの学び

Event Details

Date/Time: April 16, 12:15-13:00

Speaker: Julien Agaësse

Language: English(英語のみ)

Speaker Bio

Julien Agaësse

Julien Agaësse is a Project Associate Professor in French as an additional language at the University of Tokyo (Trilingual Program) and in the didactics of languages and cultures. His research focuses on the role of psychology, particularly emotions, and on the use of board games in language teaching-learning systems, as well as on the role of evaluation in pedagogical systems.



In this session, Julien Agaësse will share his experience of attending the 5th FIPF Congress of Asia-Pacific Teachers of French in Singapore in December 2023. After briefly presenting the context of the conference he attended in Singapore, Julien will present three feedback activities that were introduced during some presentations: the study of movies, comic books and an atypical board game. He will detail how teachers could implement these types of activities in their teaching sequences to help learners engage more dynamically in learning environments.