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12.7 Time to TALK: Benefits of Using Different Types of Board Games 様々な種類のボードゲームを使用する利点

Event Details

Date: Thursday, December 7, 12:15-13:00 (online)

Speaker: Julien AGAËSSE

Language: English(英語のみ)

Speaker Bio

Julien Agaësse

Julien Agaësse is a lecturer in French as an additional language at the University of Tokyo, and in the didactics of languages and cultures. His research focuses on the role of psychology, particularly emotions, and on the use of board games in language teaching-learning systems, as well as on the role of evaluation in pedagogical systems.



The environments emerging from the use of board and card games de-dramatize the course and encourage learners to interact in additional language in a more enjoyable way. During the 2023 spring semester, the new aspect of my research about board game and education was to set up sequences of board and card games to analyze how tools from psychology or neuroscience can help teachers develop active learning environments for their learners, by considering changes in learners’ self-confidence, risk-taking and the pleasure they derive from interacting with their peers. During my presentation, I will introduce the results of this research.