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11.7 Mindfulness Series: 3-Week Online Program on Mindfulness Practice for Individual and Organizational Well-Being 個人と組織のウェルビーイングを高めるマインドフルネス(3週連続プログラム)

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Nov 7 (Tue) noon-1 pm: Mindfulness for Stress Management

Nov 21 (Tue) noon-1 pm: Mindfulness for Decision-making 

Nov 28 (Tue) noon-1 pm: Mindfulness for Communication

Language: English and Japanese(英語:日本語同時通訳あり)

Speaker Bio

Jochen Reb

Jochen Reb is a Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources and Director of the Mindfulness Initiatives at Singapore Management University. He is a globally leading scholar in mindfulness in the workplace. And he devotes much of his time to teacher training, particularly on Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT). He is also the director of the Mindfulness and Decision Lab, which engages in cutting-edge research on mindfulness and decision-making.



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In this comprehensive 3-week online program, Professor Jochen Reb will guide participants through the fundamental principles and practical applications of mindfulness. This program is designed to enhance individual and organizational well-being.

A crucial component of well-being, regardless of the context, involves the management of daily stress, the cultivation of decision-making skills in both professional and personal realms, and the cultivation of effective communication abilities with family, friends, and colleagues. Throughout this program, Professor Reb will lead participants in mindfulness exercises, enabling them to develop and refine their stress management, decision-making, and communication skills, thereby fostering well-being for themselves and those around them.