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11.14 Mindfulness Series Vol. 3 Mindfulness Practice for Professional Development and Personal Growth 職業的・人間的成長のためのマインドフルネス

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Date: Nov 14 (Tue) noon-1 pm

Language: English and Japanese(英語:日本語同時通訳あり)


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Marco Garrido

Marco Garrido is an Associate Professor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Sociology at the University of Chicago. His work has primarily focused on examining the relationship between the urban poor and the middle class in Manila, specifically within the context of slums and upper- and middle-class enclaves. His research project aims to establish a connection between this relationship and urban structure on one hand and political dissensus on the other. Through this, he highlights the significant role of class in shaping urban space, social life, and politics.

マルコ・ガリド シカゴ大学社会学部准教授、学部教育ディレクター。主にマニラの都市貧困層と中流階級との関係を調査しており、特に貧民街と上流・中流階級の居住地域の空間的文脈に焦点を当てている。マニラのケーススタディーを通して、理論的には、都市構造と政治的対立との関連、及び都市空間、社会生活、政治の形成における階層の重要性を明らかにすることを目指している。

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In this online interactive workshop, Professor Marco Garrido will share how his mindfulness practice has positively influenced his professional development while maintaining well-being and work-life balance. Contrary to the common perception that career success may sometimes appear at odds with personal well-being and family life, he will show how they can be reconciled through mindful awareness and skillful actions. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to engage in mindfulness exercises guided by Professor Garrido and gain practical experience in applying these principles to their daily routines. This hands-on approach aims to empower participants to discover practical ways to cultivate a deeper and more purposeful connection between their professional endeavors and personal lives.